Who we are

Engineers Enterprise Pty Ltd (EEPL) is a distributor and value-added reseller, specialised in sourcing fibre optic components and systems from leading manufacturers throughout the world. We started business in 1999 and are based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. We work with customers in Australia, New Zealand and India. We provide total fibre optic solutions to our customers, including installation and training. We also offer consulting to photonics companies and conduct workshops in fibre optics handling skills.


We understand that researchers have special needs. Our research customers include university and government labs in Australia and India. They all need state-of-the art equipment with reliable customer service at a price to match their budget constraints. We work with our customers’ tendering and procurement processes to order and deliver quickly and efficiently. We train and install all types of equipment to ensure users get value from their purchases.


Many of our customers manufacture fibre optic systems and components. They need to source the best equipment to provide the best products for their customers. We work with leading companies worldwide to source exactly what is needed and expedite it rapidly. We can provide custom fibre solutions for new product development with samples to prove the concept works.


On hand we have essential supplies such as cleaning products which can be dispatched within 24 hours in Australia. Other consumables can be ordered from our partners without delay.

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