We work with partners to provide you with total fibre optic solutions. We are authorised distributors in Australia, New Zealand and India for Vytran and Santec, and the exclusive distributor for Micron Optics. We also source specialised components and consumables from other reputable companies. Talk to us directly about your needs, to find out product specifications and applications, and to purchase.


Vytran makes fully integrated workstation and individual tools for every process step from fibre stripping to proof testing. For added efficiency and versatility, all products use the same fibre holding blocks.


Santec makes high performance and reliable products including tunable lasers and optical test and measurement equipment, imaging and sensing systems and components for optical communications.

Micron Optics

Micron Optics makes tunable optical filters, swept lasers, optical sensors and sensing interrogators that deliver the highest degree of measurement precision, resolution, and accuracy.